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We are a Collection of Visionaries, Strategists, Planners and Creators,
brought together to Create Extraordinary Event Properties. Our
Innovative way of Thinking Engages Clients and their Audiences, no
matter what their Requirements are.

We work as Extension of your Marketing and Communication teams
to Design Engaging Events. As part of the Marketing Mix, Events give
Businesses Direct Access to their Audience. It is our Aim to help our
Customers make the most out of these Interactions, Creating a
Fulfilling and Purposeful Experience.


Federation of Canada India Commerce and Industry
Empowering Business and Networking opportunities


Settler Canada

Helping New Immigrants to Settle Right through its innovating concept of “Right Networking, Right Opportunity and Right Start”.

Raj Dev Acharya

A Venture Capitalist and an Entrepreneur by Heart…

He started his journey in Business of Advertising and Communication way back in 1994 after completing his Masters in Business Administration [MBA].

Over last 2+ decades, he is known in Advertising and Show Business world for Creating Brands, Developing New Ventures and selling Identities/Equities against Great Returns.

Some of Prominent Brands/Companies developed and Capitalized for profits in past are The BTL Lab, Showman Communications Limited, AdWorld, Rangshilp School of Performing Arts, Studio 18, Phoenix Duo Matrix Communications Pvt Ltd, PDM Realty Pvt Ltd…

Recently he started a new Concept of Acquiring Equity in new Startups through his Innovative Business Solution based Program called “EQUITY4ADS”. This program helps startups to build their Brand and fulfill their Go2Customer Business Strategy, Advertising, Publicity, Events and PR needs without any outflow of Revenue against Exchange of Equity in their Startup.

He aims to achieve a target of Acquiring Equity in 100+ Startup over next 5 years under Equity4Ads program.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajdevacharya/










Amit Bhatt

  • His Journey starts as a carrier in Civil Engineer way back in 1981.
  • In 1984, his Entrepreneurship instincts motivated him to joined family business of Outdoor Media & Advertising and was running this for almost 1 decade as a successful Advertising Professional and Serviced many fortune 500 Brand Accounts in India.
  • His eagerness for challenges and Exploring New Opportunity makes him settle in Canada in 2003 and in 2005, he Established his own New Venture of Gujarati Newspaper as “Gujarat Express”. And further he Started “Sunday Ko Funday – Gujarati Radio” on several Radio station like 1320 a.m & 1650 Cina Radio.
  • His Media Ventures are running successfully as Gujarat Express Newspaper since 2005 & Namaste Toronto Radio – Monday To Friday apart from Weekend Gujarat Express Radio on 1350 CIRF Radio station.
  • In 2005, he started “Chhel Chhabilo Gujarati Cultural Club” and till date founder President of said not for profit Organization which have more than 1250 registered members. Also In 2007 to 2010 was the Vice President of “Gujarati Business Association”. In Chhel Chhabilo Gujarati cultural club organized many social & cultural activity which got several certificates of Appreciations from Federal Govt.& Provincial Govt.s through various M.P.’S & M.P.P.’S.
  • Further he is a equal share holder in Resonance World Inc, Settler Canada and is President of Federation of Canada India Commerce & Industry.



News Paper – Gujarat Express – Canada


Radio – Namaste Toronto